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High Performance requires increased levels of Self Awareness and Balanced Processing of information and effective management of role relationships. An outward-looking perspective is increasingly important in maintaining Customer Focus and building positive work relationships with Colleagues, Team Members, Business Partners and Stakeholders.  

Pario 360 degree feedback software can direct specific questions to different groups, highlighting Critical Success Factors (and also simplifying the feedback process for busy Senior Executives).

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Setup of the secure online Control Panel is FREE to organizations and includes immediate access to the Pario Management 360 Feedback questionnaire and report, plus full support notes, plus options for you to design your own 360.

Pario 360 degree feedback software enables Clients to define competencies, statements, response options, respondent groups, written comment prompts (headings) & design reports.


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Report design can be tailored to requirements

360 Degree Feedback + Tailored, Customized & DIY Options

Tailored 360 Degree Feedback

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